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Find the Perfect Plasma Cutter for Your Project:

Mgder offers a variety of plasma cutters to suit your specific needs. Choose from:

Inverter Non-Contact Pilot Arc Technology: Experience smooth, clean cuts with minimal dross thanks to this advanced technology.

60 Amp or 40 Amp Output: Select the power level that best matches the thickness and type of metal you’ll be cutting most often.

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About Plasma Cutter Tools

Whether you’re new to welding or the process of using a plasma cutter itself, you might be wondering, “How does a plasma cutter work? Is it safe?” Just like processes that involve TIG or MIG welding, using a plasma cutter is dangerous and requires proper safety techniques to avoid injury. When in operation, a plasma cutter emits gases like argon, hydrogen and nitrogen which interact with an electric arc to create plasma and slice through metal.Below, we’ve listed some FAQs about plasma cutter equipment and our selection at Mgder.


Each plasma-based machine we carry is regarded as a pilot arc plasma cutter. Unlike non-pilot equipment, a pilot plasma cutter is incredibly useful because it does not need to touch the material being fabricated. Instead, a flame is emitted from the torch from the start, making it simpler than ever for welders to precisely cut metals with minimal chance of distorting the materials.


Ultimately, there are many applications across numerous industries where you can use a plasma cutter to create custom-shaped metal components. For example, auto shops may use a plasma cutter to gouge, mark or fabricate all types of parts for vehicles.However, the same machine can be used to create medical equipment or by a DIY-enthusiast who’s interested in fabricating metal at home.


If you use a plasma cutter for welding, it’s likely that you need to cut heavy-duty materials like stainless steel, copper, aluminum or thick, ordinary steel. You should absolutely avoid cutting wood or plastic with a plasma cutter. Plasma cutters create an electrical arc to properly cut items. Unfortunately, these particular materials do not conduct electricity, so they are incompatible with this type of machinery.

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